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Description:   This application manages any SQLite3 databases. You can also import data from CSV and export to CSV and SQL format.

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Shell Extension Pack Shell extensions providing detailed information about executables, images and audio files. In addition it adds some usefull new items to context menu. Free to use for both private and commercial users.

ADO Query This application manages any databases suppoted by Microsoft ActiveX data Objects (need to be installed).It has built-in powerful query tool, BLOB editor, data editor and object viewer.

Windows File Analyzer This application decodes and analyzes some special files used by Windows OS. In these files is interesting information for forensic analysis.

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DFM Editor Standalone editor for Delphi Form files (*.dfm) in both binary and text format. It has object tree, object inspector and syntax highlighted editor and form previewing capability. It can be extended with external packages (bpl files) to know more...

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